The Ride of a Lifetime, Robert Iger

Understanding that this account is from a personal lens, I found Robert's learnings and experiences on leadership to be forthright and exemplar.  In the former half of the book, he expounds on the great mentors of his career, challenges he faced in rising to management, and his most prideful projects at ABC.  In the latter half, he chooses to focus on the largest acquisitions that he personally led in the role of CEO of Disney.  The mundanalities and regimen of corporate leadership are set aside in favor of highlighting the importance of vision, relationships and ethics. 

Of all the stories I think the most memorable are that of his interactions with Roone Arledge and Steve Jobs.  From Roone he learned to innovate.  And from Steve he found deep friendship and the courage to be bold.  If there's one thing to take away from this book it is that the quality of your relationships have a huge impact on your ability to overcome challenges. 

Robert's willingness to take on responsibility of risk and failure put him in a position of trust and leadership.  Understanding others also enabled him to effectively manage and resolve conflicts. 

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