little j in little room - Global Game Jam 2021

This year's game jam was online, hosted on Discord and all!  I mostly handled this one solo in Unity, and made a game about cats.



The Final Hours of Half Life: Alyx


In a series of 15 chapters, Geoff Keighley covers the ambitious and tumultuous journey of creating the flagship VR Half-Life game.  It's a tale about continuing to fan the flames of creativity in the next generation, the complex necessities of game development, and the dedication to craft at Valve.

Seek Etyliv

It's a concise puzzle game that makes the most of very little.  Seek Etyliv doesn't try to explain.  Instead it lets the natural curiosity and need to conquer challenge arise from the player.  I completed the story (in puzzle and poem form) in a little over an hour.  

That's when the extra, unnecessary challenge began, of executing puzzles without making a single mistake.  I do not know if there is a secret hidden at the end of the deadly dungeon, but that's not important.  Because someone with a true calling to the task should take up the gauntlet.

The game takes its promise of minimalistic design seriously.  I especially liked the simplistic menu navigation with arrow keys (the only flaw being a reliance on the escape key).  It's strict adherence to the 3x3 grid let it explore its own little design space.  I suppose it's like tic tac toe crossed with rogue and sokoban.


Steam Winter Sale 2020 Hidden Gems

This Winter Sale I picked up a few indie titles that really stood out to me.  First impressions below, with more to follow when I've played through them!


A puzzle game with endearing graphics.  It speaks with visuals and atmosphere.

There is no game: Wrong dimension

The best fourth-wall breaking comedy that makes the player the star of the show.  It's a dialogue with the developer and there's so much personality in the game!

Quantum Protocol

A quirky card game themed as hacking.  This game's UI execution, while simple, knocks everything else out of the park in how quickly I was able to jump into and feel its unique interactions.

Liberating Wind

Fresh starts are the freeing from the shackles of the past and every day, every moment could be one.