Art Rage Studio on Steam!

I picked up Art Rage when it made its Steam Software debut!  I've used it a bit on my iPad, and the desktop version doesn't feel as constrained.  Pencil felt weird (i guess it might work with watercolors), so I've been painting with the oil brush and paint roller.  Here's a multi-purpose hovercraft.

Dota 2 Polycount Contest - Windrunner, 1st Draft

My DIY Standing Desk with IKEA parts

The Standing Desk:

I moved into a new apartment in August and found myself without a desk for the first time, so I decided to build one out of IKEA parts.  I felt very lazy and too comfortable sitting, and the time spent at the computer was probably negatively effecting my health.  Here is how I built my standing desk.

Unfortunately, this desk is at a fixed height; it is difficult to make minor adjustments.  Adjustments in ~1 or 2 inch increments are possible by changing the thickness of the table, the height of the CAPITA legs, or adding dividers between the legs and the EXPEDIT bookshelves.  Standing on a mat may also make work more comfortable.

List of Parts and provided height:

2x EXPEDIT 2x2 Shelves (36")
1x VIKA AMON Table (1 3/8")
1x CAPITA Legs (set of 4) (8")

Additional Parts:
1x CAPITA Legs (set of 4) (8")
2x EKBY HEMNES Shelves (desk extension)

The desk totals to 43 3/8", but probably sits a little shorter as it digs into the carpet.  This isn't the cheapest way of creating a standing desk (my friend just places a chair on a table), but it comes with a bunch of shelves, and feels like a full table, which works great for me.

I've been using it for over a month now, and really enjoying it.  My only complaint is that it gets tiring after 5 or so hours.  I'm going to have to find a stool soon! >.<