This is me for the rest of the month.  Gaming it out to Final Fantasy XV and the rest of the PS Plus Collection.

Still In It

I thought 2020 would be the year that my play would get rusty, but I'm still IN IT!

This new league of legends rewards flow for the season is very clear and satisfying.

Being the Hero

Being the hero is so compelling that it's not enough to hear stories of great deeds, we desire to enact them. The mantle of the hero who brings order to the world is the cornerstone of storytelling. Within games players can become the hero in a simulated world, and live out that destiny.

A Cat's Curiosity

Lina has lived with me for 4 years but she's still always so interested in exploring the house, patrolling the yard, and sniffing around.  When she was younger she was mesmerized by the water faucet.  As the water dripped, Lina would jump to the countertop and try to catch the water.  She grew up and no longer does that.  I can't say exactly when but her curiosity has moved onto other things like the birds outside.

Genshin Impact - Party 2

I pulled Sucrose, Xingqiu, and Keqing today in Genshin Impact.  Was getting close to the 5-star pity, didn't want Klee, but felt a bit lucky so I went for it.  I've got some awesome additions to my team now.  Keqing is my first five star!

Losing Streaks and Winning Streaks

Sometimes you get stuck in a rut and perform poorly for a long while.  Last week my 8-game lose streak in league of legends was difficult to get through.

But situations like these come in waves.  Losing can put you in a poor mentality that is difficult to come back from.  

The momentum can go both ways!

Once you get over that hump and change your mentality, you can find the start of a winning streak.  That first win can give you the push for you to outperform your own expectations, and maintain it consistently afterwards.


And then winning!

Gnomon Level Design - Control The Contrast

I got great feedback about my level design colors today.  Where it's easy to paint in a prototype game level with broad colors, it's also likely that you pick high contrasting colors while building it out.  This helps the designer see more clearly the differentiation between object types.

But when controlling the color for the player, the high contrast and high saturation areas should be reserved to attract the player's attention.  Less important areas of the game, such as much of the non interactable terrain, is better served with broad strokes of color that meld together and don't call for attention.

I tuned down the saturation across the board (for a second time), and tried to push back the reds in the rocks which were fighting with the greens in the trees.

Gnomon Level Design - Constructing in Unreal


Now that I've got the modular pieces done, the fun part is piecing it all together in the level!

Gnomon Level Design - Into Unreal

 The lighting and interactivity make it start to feel like a game!

Scheduling Breaks

Just as important to scheduling time to be productive is to schedule time to recharge.  I think thanksgiving and the week after will be that time this year, near the end of November, for me to circle back and reflect.  By then I'd have over a hundred posts in 2020, and a lot of things to just let my mind sit with.  Just planning a bit ahead here!

The Quiet Nights

The quiet nights are those

like tonight without power yet

with candlelight

In the dancing shadows hide

glimpses and glows of 

true sight