Paths around UC Davis

Since beginning my MBA studies at UC Davis, I've found and been shown a few places that are great for the occasional stroll away from work.  The first two here are just near Gallagher Hall, where all the graduate business classes are held.  

(above) A crossing looking away from the greenhouses.  It's a great shortcut off the Arboretum that leads to the school's patio and backdoor.  (below) A winding path behind the Alumni Center surrounded by greenery on all four sides.  It overlooks the greenhouses and costs only a bit of extra time for a quiet scene.

I'm glad that I got the chance to put my bike (picked up used for 25$) to good use!  This is my bike before parking at the library.  There's a ton of bikes on the Davis campus and sometimes it's tough to find parking.  When I do bike from home to campus, it's a good workout at about 20+ minutes.

This last photo is from the student farm on the west side of campus.  They're doing some amazing work here breeding everything from tomatoes to peppers.  My guide showed me around the field and let me pick a whole bag of green and red peppers, of every variety!