Ludum Dare #31 - Iaido

After missing out on the last Ludum Dare, I got to participate in this one!  Still, didn't get to put the entire weekend into my project, but I got to try out using Game Maker Studio (ran into a lot of newbie problems), and put in about 12 hours in total.  = (

I didn't realize until too late that it would cost me to build an HTML5 version of the game, so that ended up costing my wallet.

Sorry about the rough edges!

My goal this time around was to create another slightly meditative experience.  Iaido has more action than my previous entry, Bubble Bubble Bubble Pop.  My initial thought was to create a huge animation cooldown at the end of every attack, but I wasn't able to pull that off (the controls weren't rewarding and just felt like the game was holding you back).

I would like to revisit the game and build an exciting and rewarding combo system.  It feels like with the right changes the game could have a rhythm and test your reaction skills.

The LD31 page for Iaido

Web version of the game

Spell Stealers Board Game

Been working on this board game for a while with my friend Greg Santo!


It's a simple but fun die-rolling game where you can steal your opponents' rolls!  Here's what the board and tokens look like!  I had a lot of fun designing the characters and illustrating a full game board.  Please back it!!

Halloween 2014

Didn't get to dress up this year, but here's a costume from my head

2014.08-09 sketchdump

August and September sketches and drawings, all in different stages.  I'm still heavily experimenting with brushes and brush settings.  Something still feels a bit off on my marker brush.  I've been warming up to round brushes though!

PAX Prime 2014 - Penguemic and Tournaments

 Penguemic Booth at PAX Prime!  We met so many penguin fans, and sold all of our t-shirts!
Educational Game Space with Machineers and Universe Sandbox 2

As usual, I spent half my time in the tournament room, competing in Towerfall, Tetris Attack, Tumblestone, and Diddy Kong Racing.  I made top 8 in Towerfall, and top 6 in Tumblestone!  Everyone was so good at the games.  Some Towerfall players busted out 'dodge canceling'.  It really caught me by surprise >>--->

I wish I had practiced more for Diddy Kong Racing, though.  I was embarrassingly bad at it, having not played in years.

Chibi Doodles

Some chibi "doodles" (that still take me like 2-4 hours to do).  I will be doing more of these as they are comfortable to make and relatively time ok for my daily schedule.  I wish I could do some fancy paintings but I get so lost in Photoshop

Girls Make Games Grand Prize Kickstarter

My team, The Negatives, won the Grand Prize at the first Girls Make Games Demo Day!!!  Shoutout to the awesome team: Huaning "Wendy" Wang; Karen Xu; Ivy Wooldridge; Samantha Ho; Cassia Haralson; Avery Johnson; Serena Rusboldt; Samantha L;

I drew each member a pixel portrait.




 And here's me and Anita Tung, the artist for their game:

Check out our Kickstarter campaign and support the girls!

Girls Make Games Promo Poster

Girls Make Games

 Spot the references!

Fate X League works but not really

This is a painting of League of Legend's Akali in an Assassins's Creed pose, being summoned as Servant Assassin for the next holy grail war.  Conveying all that information didn't work out so it's just a painted Akali.  

I really like the way the texture of paint turned out, so I'll be using this as a + in my style guide this year.

 I tried making a couple more prints in the series before the FanimeCon Artist Alley, but the results didn't end up where I would like them, and I ran out of time to experiment.  I was trying (see below) to make a fast sketch -> line -> paint process, but I got stuck on the painting part, and ended up spending too much time there trying to make things look really clean and comic-book-y.

I think this rush work should have been done much more quickly, maybe skip the inking stage altogether, and keep the foundation sketch lines.  The look definitely needs a different brush to work, as my go-to paintbrush was created for clean strokes.

Akali, Riven, Lux, Ashe 

Practice with @Sketch_Dailies

Aphrodite and Robot Monster for the @Sketch_Dailies on twitter.  It's been great because subjects I wouldn't think of myself come up!


Mascot character of mine, Elise!  I did an animation style painting this time, with tight lines and blocked out colors.  I want to animate with this look!  It's a bit inspired by the anime short -socket-

Here's the original drawing from 4 years ago,  with a lot more hair:

It looks like I draw the legs and upper arm too long in the initial sketch.  
Next thing to work on is to focus on imaging the limbs.

Elise drawing process


Jinx is now my go-to ADC in Season 4.  I've been duo-queue-ing with a friend of mine, which guarantees me first pick.  So 99% of the time I will be picking this character.  I wonder how my stats will turn out this year.  My kill count has definitely gone up.
Jinx drawing process

Some things I noticed while painting this:
-I would end up at a different pose and look from the original sketch.  The face changed 4 times.
-I had trouble attaching the head
-Hands and Feet are a weakness for me right now
-I'm slowly improving my line-art, trying out different settings and keeping an eye out for disconnected lines.

Starting the 2014

snake princess (hebihime)

New Years Resolution for 2014 - draw a ton of character designs!

2013 Roundup

Here's the 2013 year in review meme, with a select piece that I've done in each month last year.  With the progress I've made in the last year, I think 2014 will bring a lot of improvement, too.

And an Ahri piece.  She's really fun to draw, though I don't player her often.  The fixed width brushes in Drawr remove the worry about controlling line thickness.