Dedicate Time To Being You

Most hours the day, I am not myself.  In games, I take on the avatars of heroes and champions. In films I relive the tension and drama of others. In the virtual realms of social media, I become a reflection of the community. When am I me?

Worry not, Negotiate

We worry a lot about different potential futures.  Have I made the right choice?  Will I pass that interview?  Worrying does not solve the issue and only makes us more nervous.

The cornerstone lesson from Negotiations: "Everything is negotiable".

Worst case scenario?  You'll negotiate.   And negotiating isn't too bad. It will open up even more possibilities.

Creative Goalsetting

When being creative, set a goal that is outside of the norm.  Oftentimes, aspirations are derived from one's immediate perspective, and one's goals will be in the realm of a limited 'possibility space'.  Don't restrict yourself.  Place your goal further out and reach a bit.

The goal that everyone else sees is not necessarily yours. Establish for yourself a strange, personal, and unconventional goal.  Forge a new path with a novel approach and an inspired way of thinking.


A placeholder reserves room for new and wonderful things to come.  

The MBA Journey

Where one journey ends, another begins.  The past two years have been a mix of personal tests: challenges, curiosities, and choices.  I set out at the end of 2017 determined to forge myself in study.  This goal led me to the UC Davis MBA program, and I found myself surrounded by a supportive community of business leaders with an appetite for improving the world. 

It's interesting how a vague goal slowly manifests into many interesting happenings.  Over the course of the program, I discovered product management for games, participated in a venture capital case competition, started an educational app project, and much, much more.  I made new friends, adjusted my thinking with a few books, and honed my communication skills.  All these deserve stories of their own, which I'd love to divulge someday.

Today, I'm just taking a moment to celebrate the achievement.

When I moved my belongings home (most of it fit in this van!), a big question mark appeared in front of me.  What's the next journey going to be?  

This year started off with a lot of uncertainty.  It's one-half tumultuous and another-half chaotic, but new ground will be settled once balance is returned.  2020 also marks the near-ending of a decade for me.  So I'd like to make it a meaningful cycling of time.  Regardless of where I'm headed next, I'm certain to hold myself to these key values:

Creativity - to make reality from imagination
Connection - to share and communicate
Curiosity - to investigate and discover 

Continue on!