Lanterns Ghosts (Oculus Launchpad week 11)

Lantern Ghosts

Met up with Kevin (who's helping out on programming), in Seattle!  We were both traveling to attend PAX, and it was really great that we could cross paths and discuss VR development!  I've been working on the GMG booth with Kristani on the show floor during the day, and then taking evenings to think about final designs to make in the last week of development for Lanterns.

At PAX, Kristani and I ran into a fellow OLP fellow!  Tyrus was also showing off his cool game Cloudbase Prime at the Indie Minibooth.

Drew some concept art for the masked ghosts that will be appearing in the game.  They will be floating around, looking for lanterns to follow.  The player's goal is to find enough lanterns to accommodate all the different ghosts spirits!

Before travelling, I worked on expanding the cave area to feel more welcoming to the player.  The boat now has a dock, and doesn't abruptly stop in the middle of the river.  The dock also has some text info to clue the player in on what their purpose is.

The ending section of the demo - a small temple, has also been blocked out, and I did a couple of timed test runs to find the proper length for the demo.  Scale in VR feels so different than when you're looking at it in the level editor, so I was surprised to find that the boat was travelling too slowly, and the distances between my landmarks too far!

Unfortunately there isn't much time left to spend on modeling objects and spaces, as much as I'd like to work on making a pretty stage.  The most important interactions I'd like to show will be lighting the torch and lanterns, stopping for a short gaze-activated puzzle, having ghosts follow your lanterns, and then reaching their destination and sending the lanterns off.  I'm hoping to get them all in!

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