Sis Puella Magica

I successfully completed my part in an art trade this weekend.  I gifted a fanart of Kyoko Sakura from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.  If you havent seen it yet, consider it a must watch because Yuki Kajiura is behind the music.

In other news, I've been continuing game development as the new semester has started.  This time around I'll be creating art and designing the experiences around Combiform, Pid Rescue, and a tentatively titled Stained Glass (in one way or another inspired by Kyoko here).  Artists are much in need here, as the curricula focuses mainly on design and programming, and I've had classmates constantly suggest that I contribute drawings to their work.  I already have much to do, but that isn't to say I there arent other projects that I wouldnt mind doodling here and there for.

Having gotten an iPad recently, Zach and I have begun platform testing with Pid Rescue.  Flash developed applications absolutely do not run efficiently on Apple's devices, but with Machinarium working finely on the ipad2 and breaking sales charts on the App Store as a Flash app, making Pid Rescue run smoothly should be definitely possible.

I just found this resource today, which seems to provide a good starting point:

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