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Well, since I'm spending so much time on the computer anyway... I thought I'd take on a paperless version of my Diary. I've fallen so far behind on it! Lack of motivation, or the inconvenience of it all, I don't know, but here I am setting up a blog as an alternative. My friend Yさん has kept one up for years now, and I thought I'd give it a try, in addition to all of the other blogs that I keep on the internet. Though, splitting my life through all of these different strands feels... like I'm partially hiding my complete self from the internet. As if the internet were a sentient being. I just did some digging up into Blogs and Internet Diaries. It turned out Justin Hall, a USC IMD alumnus pioneered blogging, and kept it up for eleven years before stopping and turning his focus on his local world.

This is boring, personal information that followers of my work need not read. As an alternative, this stinks as I cannot draw in the side margins of the "diary" nor will i staple mementos to the pages. A couple more regrets and things to rant about, but that one is an interesting anecdote, which we'll leave for another time, eh? ;D

This reminds me of the Orwell Prize blog that was set up around George Orwell's diary. Some days he would just "log" the number of eggs laid by his chickens, but, most importantly he wrote something down. Always starting off with the weather, he wrote at least one thing about his day. Now I'm having second thoughts of expanding this to that language blog site Lang-8, where if I were to blog in Japanese, a native Japanese speaker would comment and correct my mistakes. That would be a great learning experience. Some people blog a lot. Others not so often...

This Lang-8 system looks like it would help me a lot in my studies as a supplement to daily class. Look out for my upcoming Lang-8 blog ;D.

Today (2009.12.28)
Yesterday I woke up late as usual, what with the terrible nightowl sleeping habits. Not as bad as some fellow college students, who go to sleep way past 3 and 4 a.m. Guh, was very annoyed at my father pestering me to finish the chicken soup that Grandma cooked for me. It was a great soup, however. Just remembered that I haven't drunk the swallows' nest drink yet. That stuff is mighty good for ya'.

Listening to: 大胆にいきましょう↑Heart & Soul↑ (Daitan ni Ikimashou) - Tamaki Nami

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