Woot, my first image! And I've been accepted to USC's Interactive Media Division. Honestly, I don't feel like I'm qualified, but I'm excited at the prospect of going (and have been nervous the past few weeks). This nearly makes up for my UCLA rejection. I shouldn't have tried to apply to their Design | Media Arts program, knowing that I wasn't ready at all. Now all there is left to worry about are my application to Carnegie Mellon's integrated BCSA program, and whether or not I will receive enough financial aid to reasonable enroll at these schools.

With the SCVMA Math Field Day at SJSU coming up this Saturday, I feel really pressured, as I also want to put time into Heart of Darkness (just crammed with details, required reading for English 4AP class), Doodle 4 Google (I just love google, and really want to participate, also the chance for a 15k scholarship), preparing for CMU's fateful decision, and even my pages for our chinese school yearbook (>_> what pictures of myself?). I'm going to be participating the in the Leap Frog Relay, with the erudite Ken Cheng. I've had these practice questions for two full weeks, and yet i only begin to look at them with two days left until judgement. What terrible work habits.

Us children. Bob Ross, some reading power childrens' show, Wishbone, Simply Ming, Chen Jan (sp?), etc. We haven't watched the tele in such a long time, everything was made fun of.

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